[Lists] Endless Love Soundtrack/ Full Ost.

Autumn Tale/Endless Love soundtrack

Also includes a compact disc for another Korean KBS show . The main title and “Reason” have the same melody and are the dominant themes of the show. “Romance”, also known as “Forbidden Love” is the classic piece used for this soundtrack.

  1. Main Title (Flute ver.)
  2. Reason – Jung Il-young
  3. Romance – Choi Tae-won
  4. Gi do (Prayer) – Jung Il-won
  5. Remember – Park Jung-won
  6. Uhl Ma Na Nae Ga (Sincerely) – Yoon Chang-gun
  7. Reason (Instrumental ver.)
  8. Romance (Piano ver.) – Lee Hong-rae
  9. Noon Mool (Tears) – Lee Hong-rae
  10. Uhl Ma Na Nae Ga (Sincerely)(Guitar ver.) – Guitar by Ham Choon-ho
  11. Ggoom suhk ae suh (In my dream) – Jung Il-young
  12. Uhl Ma Na Nae Ga (Sincerely)(Piano ver.) – Piano by Yoo Jung-young
  13. Gi Do (Prayer)(Piano ver.)


credit : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endless_Love_soundtracks



  1. #1 by agnes on June 10, 2016 - 3:31 PM

    Its was so wow thanks to the director and fashion desiner for the work they done plus the casts for the job

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