[List] Naruto Shippuden Opening & Ending Full Ost.

Shippūden Openings

  1. Hero’s Come Back!! (performed by nobodyknows+) From episodes 1 to 30. (full song length: 4:35)
  2. Distance (performed by LONG SHOT PARTY) From episodes 31 to 53. (full song length: 3:07)
  3. Blue Bird (ブルーバード, Burū Bādo) (performed by “Ikimono-Gakari” (いきものがかり, “Ikimono-Gakari”)) From episodes 54 to 77. (full song length: 3:33)
  4. Closer (performed by “Joe Inoue” (井上ジョー, “Inoue Joe”) From episode 78 to 102. (full song length: 3:35)
  5. Glow of a Firefly (ホタルノヒカリ, Hotaru no Hikari) (performed by “Ikimono-Gakari” (いきものがかり, “Ikimono-Gakari”)) From episode 103 to 128. (full song length: 4:03)
  6. Sign (performed by FLOW) From episode 129 to 153. (full song length: 3:56)
  7. The Transparent World (透明だった世界, Tōmei datta Sekai) (performed by “Hata Motohiro” (秦基博, “Motohiro Hata”) From episode 154 to 179. (full song length: 3:52)
  8. Diver (performed by NICO Touches the Walls) From episode 180 to 205. (full song length: 4:05)
  9. Lovers (ラヴァーズ, Ravāzu) (performed by 7!! Seven Oops ) From episodes 206 to 230. (full song length: 4:13)
  10. Newsong (performed by tacica) From episode 231 to 256. (full song length: 3:30)
  11. Assault Rock (突撃ロック, Totsugeki Rokku) (performed by THE CRO-MAGNONS) From episodes 257 onwards.

Shippūden Endings

  1. Meteor ~Shooting Star~ (流れ星 ~Shooting Star~, Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~) (performed by HOME MADE 家族 (“Home Made Kazoku”) From episodes 1 to 18 (full song length: 4:55)
  2. Path ~to you all (道 ~to you all, Michi ~to you all) (performed by “Alüto”) From episodes 19 to 30 (full song length: 4:52)
  3. The Story About You (キミモノガタリ, Kimi Monogatari) (performed by “little by little”) From episodes 31 to 41 (full song length: 4:39)
  4. Awaken! Wild (目覚めろ!野性, Mezamero! Yasei) (performed by “Masahiko Kondo (MATCHY) with QUESTION?”) From episodes 42 to 53. (full song length: 4:04)
  5. Gentle Rainbow (素直な虹, Sunao na Niji) (performed by “SURFACE”) From episode 54 to 63. (full song length: 5:27)
  6. Broken Youth (performed by NICO Touches the Walls) From episode 64 to 77 (full song length: 4:52)
  7. Long Kiss Goodbye (performed by Halcali) From episode 78 to 90. (full song length: 4:06)
  8. BRING IT ON!!! (バッチコイ!!!, Bacchikoi!!!) (performed by DEV PARADE) From episode 91 to 102. (full song length: 3:44)
  9. Deep Breathing (深呼吸, Shinkokyū) (performed by SUPER BEAVER) From episodes 103 to 115 (full song length: 4:47)
  10. My ANSWER (performed by SEAMO) From episodes 116 to 128. (full song length: 4:02)
  11. It Was You (おまえだったんだ, Omae Dattanda) (performed by The Knights (氣志團, Kishidan)) From episode 129 to 141. (full song length: 4:29)
  12. For You (performed by AZU) From episode 142 to 153. (full song length: 4:17)
  13. Bicycle (自転車, Jitensha) (performed by: オレスカバンド (Ore Suka Bando,“Ore Ska Band”)) From episode 154 to 166. (full song length: 3:29)
  14. Transient Fireworks (うたかた花火, Utakata Hanabi) (performed bySupercell) From episode 167 to 179. (full song length: 5:59)
  15. U Can Do It! (performed by DOMINO) From episode 180 to 192. (full song length: 4:17)
  16. Midnight Orchestra (真夜中のオーケストラ, Mayonaka no Orchestra) (performed by Aqua Timez) From episode 193 to 205. (full song length: 5:49)
  17. Freedom (performed by HOME MADE 家族 (“Home Made Kazoku”) From episode 206 to 218. (full song length: 3:52)
  18. Shout Out Your Desires!!! (欲望を叫べ!!!, Yokubō o Sakebe!!!) (performed by OKAMOTO’S) From episode 219 to 230. (full song length: 3:44)
  19. Place to Try (performed by TOTALFAT) from episode 231 to 242.
  20. By My Side (バイマイサイド, Bai Mai Saido) (performed by Hemenway) from episode 243 to 256. (full song length: 03.24)
  21. Cascade (カスケード, Kasukēdo) (performed by UNLIMITS) from episode 257 onwards.
  22. Kono Koe Karashite (この声枯らして, Kono Koe Karashite) (performed byAISHA Featuring CHENON) From episode 269 onwards.

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